5 Highly Effective Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

5 Highly Effective Ways to Manage Lower Back Pain

If you have been experiencing pain in the lower back, there is a solution. Some home remedies found on websites may not work as well as they claim, so Life Savers ER has put together some tips to manage pain in the lower back.

Heat, Ice, or Both?

A lot of people don’t know whether to use ice or heat on painful areas. You should use heat to loosen up tight areas in the back – try doing so before stretching. You can use ice as an anti-inflammatory after exercising or just to calm down muscle aches throughout the day.

Patches, Sprays, & Salves

Pain can be debilitating, in which case you should visit an urgent care near me. However, sometimes pain can be managed by lidocaine patches and other topical products. You can use sprays and salves as well, just be sure to read the ingredients thoroughly and apply as directed.

Stretching & Exercising

Most emergency care professionals will recommend exercise to relieve pain in the lower back. Doing activities like yoga and pilates, which involve stretching and moving the body gently, can have a significant impact on your pain level. By stretching, you keep the back from tightening up and causing pain.

Adjust the Work Area

Your work desk could actually be causing you more problems than you expect. Sitting at a desk all day can cause nerves to become compacted and lead to pain in the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, and other areas. Consider a standing desk or getting a chair with lumbar support. You can also try sitting on a yoga ball or adjusting your chair to support all areas of your body.


An electro stem machine can produce and release electrical currents that stimulate your nerves and provide therapeutic support. You can attach little patches to aching areas then let the machine do the rest – promoting the flow of blood and relieving pain in several affected areas of the body.

Pain in the lower back can be concerning, painful, and inconvenient. If you experience severe pain in the lower back and need help, visit a Life Savers emergency room in NW Houston for help from medical professionals.