7 Safety Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents

7 Safety Tips for Avoiding Car Accidents

Car accidents are just that—accidents. But, many people drive distracted and many accidents can be avoided.

The doctors and the team of medical healthcare professionals at Life Savers ER, an urgent care facility located near you in Houston, Texas, want to share their observations with the public on the simple ways to avoid car accidents.

Below is a list of 7 safety tips to utilize in avoiding a car accident.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road

This tip is simple, effective and, perhaps, not followed the most. Many drivers, instead of focusing on the road and the surrounding traffic, focus on their phones or the buttons within the car’s console.

Make Sure Your Car is Properly Maintained

Whether planning an extended road trip or a drive around town, your car should always be maintained to run properly and safely.

Practice Safe and Defensive Driving

If you are not comfortable driving alone or at night, then do not do so. Your driving experience should begin comfortably and stress free. Safe driving habits are also important and necessary, like the wearing of seatbelts and paying attention to the road and all directional signs.

Know the Laws of the Road

One cannot be a safe driver and avoid accidents if the laws of the road are not known. It is important to know these laws can change when driving through jurisdictions and States.

Traffic patterns are also part of the laws of the road, and these will change during different hours of the day. Your attention, common sense and instinct will get you through any change in traffic patterns.

Be Attentive to Road Conditions

There are apps for road conditions so now there is no excuse for a driver not to know the current conditions in any given area. Road conditions are affected by accidents, the weather, the Season or repair work.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

This is another simple and obvious rule that is not always followed. A driver must know what is happening both on and off the road in order to drive safely and defensively.

Limit Distractions

A driver can be easily distracted by kids in the backseat, by an intense conversation with a passenger, by a call or a text, or by tuning the radio.

The medical healthcare professionals at Life Savers ER, trained in emergency medicine in Houston, Texas, want to share their experience and observations to prevent car accidents and visits to an urgent care center.