Baby Got Back-Pain: How to Make the Fetal Position Pain Free

Baby Got Back-Pain: How to Make the Fetal Position Pain Free

People have differing opinions on how sleep affects us on a daily basis. Sometimes a night of sleep can be refreshing and limit pain, but at other times you may wake up in pain that takes away from your rest. This can confuse individuals, since the widespread consensus is that sleep helps with pain.

To clear up any confusion, the reason you experience pain is due to your position. Many factors come into play when it comes to pain after a night of sleep, such as gender, medical conditions, age, and weight. Life Savers ER can effectively treat back pain, but before you seek treatment let’s discuss the most common sleeping position and how it can affect back pain.

Fetal Position

Your body is an amazing vessel that is capable of many great things. At every stage of life, your instincts and the body tells us that the fetal position is comfortable, which can be attributed to the time spent inside the mother’s womb.

But there’s one problem with this position: there are a lot of variations that can cause a lot of back pain. There are some problems with sleeping in this position, including:

  • Arching the lower back too much
  • Bending both the legs and the back
  • Tilting the head or excessively bending it

If you enjoy sleeping in this position, make things more comfortable by tweaking it slightly. Make sure your neck is straight and that the chin points slightly downward. Don’t extend your back too much, and adjust the legs until they allow the back to curve into the proper position.

If you have persistent back pain, seek care from a professional in an urgent care in Houston. Your emergency care team in an emergency room near me will be able to diagnose the root cause of your issue and suggest treatment to make sleeping more comfortable and rule out other medical conditions that may be causing back pain. Take care of your health even while sleeping and make sure your favorite position isn’t causing you more pain than comfort.