Choking can happen to anyone on any day. It might be a normal day at your work or when you are sitting at your restaurant with your family and you see someone choking. You might hear someone across the room who is coughing hard and try to get clear his/her throat. 

This occurrence is very common in restaurants and others also start to notice the occurrence. Sitting there and doing nothing is not the best way to foresee this problem. You need to know how to help the person then and there or if he/she has to be taken to urgent care Houston 77019. How would you know when to get yourself involved when someone is choking and when to call 911. 

Today, you are going to learn some things about choking so that you can help the affected person in the most favorable manner. 

What is choking?

According to medical professionals, choking can be defined as obstruction caused by a foreign body. If you want to put it simple words, then it means some food particles getting stuck in your throat. The blocked food is going to block the passage of air into the lungs. A person who is facing choking won’t be able to breathe properly or cannot expel the air from their lungs. Choking is also known to be the fourth leading cause of death from the injury. It is one of those dangerous medical injuries, that can lead to some serious damage, if not treated on time. 

Causes of Choking:

Food is the first thing that might pop up in your head as the cause of choking. There are various other possibilities which includes 

  • A disease
  • Inedible Items
  • Allergic Items

Among everything, foo is the most common cause. The common cause is very much seen in the children and the elderly. There is some caution that you need to take when eating foods like hot-dogs, popcorn, grapes, peanut butter, and nuts. These are some of the most common foods which lead to choking. 

Here are some of the types of choking:

Mild choking:

Mild choking may happen to anyone due to the partial blockage. When the person is suffering from such a condition, they might be able to speak and will also be trying to cough. This makes the person produce a gagging sound. The next step is to encourage the person to cough harder so that the person can clear the blockage. A back blow with the heel of the hand can also loosen the object. After that, you can bend the person over the waist apply the blows as the gravity will help in pulling the obstruction. 

Severe Choking:

Severe choking means that there is full airway blockage, which is a medical emergency. Make some to call the ER near 77429, while you attempt to clear the blockage. Before you are doing anything, look for signs of obstruction such as blue lips or finger trips, clutching of the throat, getting unconscious, or put fingers down the throat. These signs state that the brain is not getting enough oxygen. 

Bend the victim forward at the waist and do the back blow with your hand standing beside them. If nothing is happening, rush the person to an emergency room.