When faced with a not-so-life-threatening emergency, one can choose to drive their loved one to a hospital emergency room or a free-standing ER. People often assume a free-standing ER may cost more money; but contrary to popular belief, a visit to a hospital ER or Freestanding ER is billed equally. So why choose a Free-standing ER?


Shorter Wait Times


This one’s pretty obvious. The average wait time at a Emergency Room in a hospital facility is 55.9 minutes at an urban hospital, and 38.1 minutes at a suburban hospital, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. At most free-standing ERs, one is guaranteed to avoid the long wait times and see a doctor within five to ten minutes of arrival.


Access to Ancillary Medical Services 24/7

Many stand-alone ER’s offer non-emergency medical services such as Flu shots, and Sports Physicals. This is quite convenient for working professionals, parents and any one that needs a last minute service. With a wide range of on-site services, a stand-alone-ER is basically a one-stop-shop for medical services.

More One-on-One time with Doctors


Doctors are under more pressure to rush through patient rounds and see as many patients as possible at hospital facilities. At stand-alone ER’s, patients are more likely to receive consultative care with the doctor.


Courtesy of Elizabeth Olubodun, Social Media Specialist for LifeSavers ER