When some is having a seizure and you are witnessing it, the experience can be truly frightening for you. Most of the seizures are not an emergency but some of them are. But how are you going to know the difference? How are you going to differentiate and decide whether what step you need to take? Sometimes, they stop on their own with no permanent bad effects. 

It is not much you can do to stop a seizure. But there are some of the simple steps that you can take to protect someone from getting harmed. It is worth knowing some basic first aid and when to call the 24-hour urgent care in Houston.

What are the different types of Seizures:

There are types of seizures that are dangerous as compared to others. 

Focal Onset Seizures:

These parts of seizures start in a single part of the brain. The person’s arm might start to move and teh face might start to twitch. Even though the person is aware and wake, they are unable to control it. The person might zone out or may not or start to start to stare at nothing as the seizure will become more complex. The effect of it may remain for a while but soon after the person may forget what happened to them. 

Generalized seizures:

There are more dangerous seizures as they affect multiple areas of the brain at once. People are very aware of what is happening. The most known type of seizure which occurs is the generalized tonic-clonic seizure, which also goes by the name of grand mal seizure. These seizures are very frightening to watch and are always the case of emergency. 

These seizures may have a frequent set of events:

  • The person who is having the seizure will become unresponsive. The person cannot even answer a call if they get one. The person is also not going to react if you are waving a hand in front of her face. The person may suddenly collapse and must be taken to emergency. 
  • The muscles of the person may become rigid as hardboard and will become clench. This phase is going to last for a few seconds and is called a tonic phase. 
  • There are a series of jerking events that may convulse the body of the person. This is called the clonic phase. This phase is going to last for a few seconds to several minutes. 
  • Eventually, when the jerking movements are going to stop, the person is going to regain consciousness. The person might feel disoriented or confused even after the seizure has passed. 

Generalized seizures can be very dangerous for a person. The person has to be run down to a medical emergency room 77037. This is so because the person is unaware of the surroundings and cannot do anything to protect him/her. There are uncontrolled movements during these seizures which also increases the chances of an injury. This type of seizure is dangerous and if anyone near you is seen to have such an event, they must be rushed to the emergency room.