Have you noticed the trending wave of one-to-one video conferencing or calling being introduced in business? For any business large or small, the service is a convenient and cost-effective way of conducting interviews, meetings, and appointments. Now, this mainstream trend is being adopted by medical providers. There are even some emergency rooms in Houston, TX, that have already started providing consultation through video calls. 

Seeing a doctor is not that easy for many people, especially those who live in remote parts of the country where medical facilities are hours away. It is beneficial for people who live in cities who are disabled or have limited access to travel. Video call is an excellent way for physicians and doctors to offer medical care services via video consultation. Through video calls, patients can connect with their healthcare providers from wherever is most convenient for them, using their smart devices. 

Plenty of telemedicine applications in healthcare are being introduced like every second in the U.S and other countries too. These applications provide real-time and two-way calling, which makes video consultation more convenient. 

Video call in healthcare is a reliable and trusted option for both physicians and patients to connect without being present at the same place. The services include providing high-grade medical services without hindering the confidentiality clause and integrating with health care professionals from home,  office, or wherever the patient feels is convenient. 

Advantages to the community

  • Accessible and convenient medical care

Many patients prefer not to visit the hospital when they are sick with cold and cough, but they still need medication.  For those people, virtual care is the most accessible and convenient method. When it comes to healthcare, convenience is the key. Patients who are homebound or live in remote area locations or are caught up with work can access care virtually. 

  • Better patient care quality

Virtual medical care facilities use patient-centric approaches, which have improved the timeliness of care. With real-time video consultation, patients can address healthcare problems quickly. 

  • Increased patient engagement

Engaging patients has become more comfortable with virtual healthcare services as it helps them maintain appointments and care schedules. It makes it easier for the patients to report early warning signs, reach out with questions, and also make follow-up appointments. 

  • Cost-effective method

Monitoring services and remote analysis significantly reduce healthcare service costs and saves money for patients as well as insurance companies. It reduces unnecessary non-urgent emergency room visits, which eliminates transport expenses for regular checkups. 

The Bottom Line

With video calls, patients can access a healthcare professional from the comfort of their home and with the reassurance that they are doing so in a safe and private online environment. Besides, patients who are more into traveling can get their doctor’s appointments through video consultation from any location. 

We at Life Savers ER provide video consultations to our patients; you can book an appointment for virtual care or search by primary care clinic in Houston and visit the nearest ER near you. 

Just enter the link https://doxy.me/lifesaverser  to join. Be sure to call the clinic first at 281-766-8911 so that we can ensure our Doctor is available for you. Our Doctors at Life Saver ER are on call 24/7 to serve you.