At Life Savers 24 Hour Emergency Room, we have state of the art equipment such as X-Ray, CT Scanner, Ultrasound and more. We are fully equipped and have highly trained staff ready to treat a variety of medical conditions including stat lab services.

Several of our physicians work at major hospitals with average wait times of 4-5 hours. Unlike the hospital emergency rooms, our facility has a strict No Wait policy.

With the Pre-Arrival Check-In on our website, we are prepared in advance for your visit and are ready to care for you!

While you receive your care, we have a full-service coffee bar available for your loved ones. We also have a dedicated kid’s corner to keep your little one(s) occupied while you get the attention you need. Our pediatric room is specifically tailored to sooth your child and ease the stress of their medical condition.

Service and Care at Life Savers ER, Houston

We, at Life Savers 24 Hour Emergency Room care about you and understand that your health is your most valuable asset. We put in our best efforts to make sure you get back in the pink of your health immediately. We offer high standard, quality emergency medical care in N. Shepherd Drive, Houston with the help of experienced staff and a team of expert doctors.

Why Choose Life Savers ER for Emergency Care in N. Shepherd Drive, Houston?

  • Services available 24/7, 365 days
  • A Strict No Wait Policy, meaning immediate care
  • Board-Certified Physicians
  • On-Site COLA Certified Laboratory with Immediate Results
  • On-Site Radiology (X-ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan) with Immediate Results from Board-Certified Radiologists
  • On-Site State Licensed Pharmacy for Immediate Relief

You are always welcome to visit us in case of any emergency any day, at any hour of the day or night.

Emergency Room Features

The clinic is unique in that we provide hospital services in our facility for patients who are in need.

  • On-Site Pharmacy
  • X-Rays
  • Advanced Laboratory
  • CT Scans

Most patients would rather avoid the hospital at all costs and we have developed an observation program that saves patients thousands of dollars in hospital fees while allowing them the comfort of receiving one to one care with a team of dedicated health care providers.

Emergencies We Treat

We specialize in auto accident care. We take care of patients who have sustained auto collisions every day.

  • Auto Accident Care

  • Pediatric Emergency Care
  • Medical Observation
  • Lab & Imaging

We understand the trauma of an event such as this and provide free medical screenings to all auto accident victims. We are even able to assist in the filing/claims process. For any of your emergency care needs, call Life Savers Emergency Room today!

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