Primary Care

Primary Care

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Primary care at Life Savers Emergency Room is the most comprehensive care you will get in your area. We are now accepting primary care patients, extending the number of services we are able to offer to individuals and their families. A primary care physician supplies patients with complete care, keeping a close eye on changes in health and diagnosing illnesses accurately.

Personal Care

Primary care physicians work personally with patients, so they get care from the same individual each time, versus alternating doctors and nurses in the emergency room. This saves valuable time, as patients do not have to be asked the same questions over and over again by different care providers. There are even times when a patient can describe their symptoms over the phone or through email and, because the physician has in-depth information about their health, they can make an accurate diagnosis over the phone.

Prescription Management

Your medication needs will also be met with their ability to assess how medications affect you and make adjustments that benefit your overall health. Primary care physicians are also more aware of what drugs are likely to cause side-effects in your body. Each person is different, so each medication has a different effect on them. Your primary care physician can monitor prescriptions more accurately than emergency personnel that pull up your information at each visit.

Family Care

Primary care includes all day-to-day healthcare for the entire family. If your child suffers from an illness, feel free to schedule an appointment so they can receive treatment for their symptoms and regain their health much faster. Preventative measures can even be taken to ensure you and your children do not fall prey to illnesses like the flu. Conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can also be prevented with close care.

Our facility can also perform physicals and other health assessments for schools, jobs, and recreational activities like sports. You can get a comprehensive examination of your physical health, allowing you to attend school and participate in all the fun activities you love. Do not hesitate any longer, give us a call today to schedule your annual physical or sports physical!