The Connection Between Retained Spinal Galant and Classroom Struggles

The Connection Between Retained Spinal Galant and Classroom Struggles

When in the womb, foetuses develop a reflex known as the spinal Galant. It assists with auditory development, balance, and coordination in later months. It also helps the infant move in the birth canal during the birthing process. As children get older, the primitive responses of the spinal Galant evolve into more mature movements and responses. However, in some cases the reflex is still present and causes trouble, especially in school.

Signs & Symptoms

Life Savers ER Heights in Houston encourages parents to get information about this reflex and watch for signs that it has not been integrated into the body. You will notice problems when your child starts attending school if the spinal Galant reflex is still present. Some of these signs include:

  • Symptom that mimic ADHD
  • Struggling communicating verbally or through writing
  • Inability to sit quietly
  • Focus is not maintained
  • A preference for laying in the floor while watching TV or studying
  • Wetting the bed
  • Dislike of physical activities and sports
  • Wearing clothes that fit loosely around the hips

With a spinal Galant reflex that is not integrated, anything can cause your child to react. Simple activities like leaning in a chair or wearing a belt can cause children to focus on calming their discomfort rather than on learning.

Does the Reflex Ever Disappear?

A question many people wonder about in our urgent care in Houston is whether or not the reflex disappears on its own. While the spinal Galant reflex is present in your child even before birth, it integrates into the body and lays dormant at about 6 months of age. If the reflex is still present after a year, then seek care from a primary doctor or emergency room near you that can diagnose any possible neurological problems.

If you feel as though there is anything life threatening going on with your child, do not hesitate to visit an emergency room near you for immediate help from trained professionals with advanced tools and equipment.