Warning Signs of Common Infections   – Life Savers ER

Warning Signs of Common Infections – Life Savers ER

A person can come down with an infection at any time as it can strike if you have had surgery or any other time you have challenged your immune system. The most common places you will have infections are the skin, urinary tract, certain wounds, and the respiratory system.

An infection can lead up to some serious to life-threatening complications, so it is vital that you seek the proper care if you think you are getting an infection. At Life Savers ER, we are ready for any patient to walk-in 24 hours every day, seven days each week, so it is no problem for you to come in as soon as you become suspicious of infection so we can prevent the spread or any severe progression.

General symptoms

It doesn’t matter if you already have or are experiencing an infection, you will probably have a fever. If your fever is at 101 or higher, it should warrant a trip to Life Savers ER. There are other symptoms like a decrease in appetite, a headache, have chills, or a sign that your immune system might be going into overdrive while it is responding to an infection.

Usually, you will feel a general sensation of fatigue and tired all over as it will accompany an infection if it becomes systemic. You will have so little energy and utterly exhausted, even if you are sleeping all the time.

Signs of a skin or wound infection

If you have recently had some type of injury like surgery, or a cut, the site of injury is extremely vulnerable to getting an infection. Along with the fever and exhaustion, you might develop swelling and redness where your incision or injury site is located. If that area around the injured site starts to feel hard to your touch, you have probably started developing swelling and redness at that same site indicating infection. If there is any drainage of pus or pain at the site, you should promptly come to Life Savers ER for emergent treatment.

Urinary infections

Infections of the urinary tract can happen after surgery or from improper hygiene habits. If you are feeling pain when you urinate, burn, and need to pee a lot and urgently, have foul smelling urine, it could indicate you have an infection of the urinary tract. Come into Life Savers ER so we can get you quick relief and help you get rid of that infection before it can reach your kidneys.

Respiratory infections

Sometimes a respiratory infection can happen after you have surgery, but it can also rear its ugly head from a sinus problem, the flu, or a cold. Signs include symptoms coming from your respiratory system like congestion, runny nose, sore throat, or a cough. You might have some green or yellow mucus when you blow your nose or cough.

Digestive tract infections

Gastroenteritis is an infection that hits your digestive tract, and it can cause some uncomfortable symptoms. If the symptoms do not get better on their own or you start vomiting violently and have diarrhea constantly, it can cause you to dehydrate quickly, and you MUST go to Life Savers ER.

If you have diarrhea and start seeing blood, have muscle aches or fever get treatment quickly. Having lethargy and abdominal cramps are signs that you do need emergency room care.

Serious signs of an infection

When you start to get suspicious of an infection, and the first signs begin to make you feel bad, getting the proper treatment should prevent it from progressing to various other parts of your body. If you ignore the signs of a brewing infection, it can brew into something dangerous quickly. Never hesitate to come to Life Savers if your fever is higher than 103, you are dizzy, lose consciousness, or have difficulty breathing.

As soon as you arrive at Life Savers, you will get special individualized care so we can evaluate you for any suspected infections, prevent serious complications that might be trying to develop, and resolve any pain you may be having. As a private freestanding Emergency Room, Life Savers can offer all the services and care you need as a hospital attached emergency room without the long or no wait time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.