Why Regular Exercise in Retirement is Necessary

Why Regular Exercise in Retirement is Necessary

Most people who have not reached retirement think of it as a time when they will do nothing but relax. After you have worked hard all your life, set your alarm clock for early in the morning, drag yourself out of bed, go through all your daily routines getting ready for work and dream for the days of retirement when you can finally sleep late and slow down.

While you feel you are ready to slow down and rest some more, being retired also gives you the chance to be more active physically. In fact, one of the best secrets to living a happy, long life is to exercise regularly.

Honestly, retirement is a time you plan on enjoying that part of your life, but it is hard to enjoy it if you are physically limited.

As your body ages, you lose physical ability whether you want to or not. Some of the adverse effects sometimes are your coordination being reduced, weakened bones, strength, balance, and of course weight gain.

The very best solution for you is exercise. Every day, regular exertion physically can help slow down, stop, and even reverse your physical decline that usually affects the aging body.

Most new retirees have not had a regular lifestyle of exercise. Some of them have not even worked out in years or decades.

If this happens to sound like you, do not get upset, because it is never too late to start exercising on a regular basis.

Benefits of Regular Exercise

No matter what age you are, physical activity is beneficial. You can start at any age, and it will make you feel better. Be sure when you start to take it slow when you begin – touch bases with your primary doctor because in older people over-exertion can cause strokes, dangerous falls, and heart attacks.

Usually, light exertion is perfect for those who have reached the senior years. You should aim toward simple activity, not exhausting, strenuous workouts.

Some of your best options are to go with low-intensity cardio type exercises such as jogging or walking. Water aerobics or swimming are both easy on your joints, and especially suitable for seniors.

There are different types of recreational activities like gardening or dancing that can be good for you as well. The lightweight work is enough to retain your muscles while stretching exercises like tai chi or yoga are great ways for seniors to keep their coordination, flexibility, and balance.

Your primary goal should be to get up and move around. There are way too many retired folks who are content to sit down and do nothing but live a sedentary life, and this is entirely unhealthy.

By being in the best physical condition, it could be the primary key to enjoying a rewarding and happy retirement. When you lose the significant physical ability, it will make it hard for you to live as you want and get what you want out of life.

Regular physical movement can work great for you in preserving your health, a long, long way into your retirement. Even if you have retired already or are starting to approach being a senior, you should start now with regular exercise as a habit.