About a decade ago e-cigarettes and vape pens were introduced in the hopes that they would be a healthier substitute for traditional cigarettes. These products were marketed with phrases like no tar, made to switch, and a safe way to create the impression of a healthier alternative for smokers. However, vaping is risky regardless of what you vape. Comparatively it is less risky than smoking cigarettes, but it does affect our health. Many researches have shown that these e-cigarettes contain aldehydes, oxidizing agents, and nicotine which are injurious to our health. Even in the past few years many people complaining of chest congestion after vaping have been rushed to the emergency room 77041. Here are some facts about vaping many of us aren’t aware of:

  • They are as addictive as traditional cigarettes

Smoking affects almost every organ of our body and is quite addictive. Many people believe that there are less toxic chemicals in e-cigarettes and vaping devices. However, they are considered as addictive as the traditional ones. These devices contain more nicotine than the tobacco product itself, which research suggests is equally as addictive to drugs such as cocaine and heroin.  Nearly 33% of deaths from heart disease are the result of active and passive smoking.

  • Contains nicotine

E-cigarettes are popular among teenagers, about 65% of high school students in the USA use vape pens. One of the main reasons why teenagers love vaping is that they think it doesn’t contain any nicotine. Not only does it contain nicotine but it also has chemicals that can irritate and damage their lungs, and affect brain development.

  • Bad for health

Nicotine is very toxic for your health. It causes you to crave a cigarette when vaping   and many people suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they ignore the cravings. It has long-term health consequences, for instance, when mixed with other agents like Aldehydes it raises your blood pressure and adrenaline levels .This can cause severe lung damage, and increase the risk of having a heart attack.

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  • Tackling vaping addiction

If your loved one uses e-cigarettes, make them aware of the outcome before it’s too late. You should start a dialog with them to help assist them in quitting. Here are some things to consider to help with the process:

  • Lead by example:

Before you start to specify the cons of vaping, start with an example. Ask if they use tobacco products or e-cigarettes, do they smoke often or only when they are stressed? Remember, even if they smoke often or not, addictions associated with the use of e-cigarettes products still possess harmful risks.

  • Talk about the risks involved:

In a neutral tone let them know your feelings about it. This will help to lay the groundwork for responsible decision making in the future. Make them feel comfortable and be careful with the tone you use to assure them you care.   

  • Don’t be judgmental:

Avoid being critical of your loved one. Listen to them thoroughly. It can be strenuous to educate people about the dangers of their addictions, however it’s necessary. Explain the dangers to one’s health.  Ensure them you are there for them to help them through recovering from their vice.

  • Help them quit:

Quitting smoking can be hard to do alone. There are many support groups and community centers that offer help to quit smoking, notify them about these support groups and centers.

The bottom line

If you vape and know its health risks, you know that with or without nicotine. It’s harmful and it increases the risk of developing chronic bronchitis. If you have any of these symptoms including nausea, weight loss, tiredness, or fever search by emergency room near me and visit the nearest one right away.